Study Sponsor Programme / Skills Training Center

Study Sponsor Programme

Stichting Diwa is supporting since 2019 the study sponsor programme in Pakistan. At present we have 35 students whom tuition/school fee is paid by stichting Diwa. This programme is special for young children/people who are suffering with financial constraints and are not able to continue or complete their study. Our selection criteria for students include the parents with very low income, single mothers and orphan children raised by grandparents/ relatives.

We have a supervisor in Pakistan who is responsible to pay directly the tuition fee to the schools. He is also monitoring the progress of the students by reviewing the school report, visiting schools, meetings with teachers and meetings with parents.
We focus on continuation of the courses and have as minimal drop outs as possible. Parents are obliged to send their children on regular bases to the schools and provide a copy of exam report of their children to the Diwa supervisor. Every student has their own file (dossier) organised by the supervisor. When a student is not continuing his or her study without a solid reason, the parents or caretakers are obliged to pay back the school fee. This way the parents and caretakers are more involved and take care of regular attendance and continuation of the study of the child.

From this year we want to give more attention to this families at risk. Families at risk often cannot meet the fulfilment of basic needs, such as food, clothing, healthcare and transport to the school. This is why the drop out risk is high among these families. As Stichting Diwa we want to provide help to these families, registered in our Study Sponsor Programme, so the children have a good health and can continue their studies.

Skills Training Centre, Francisabad, Pakistan

Stichting Diwa has started a skills training centre from 1 July 2016 in Francisabad, a Christian residential area in Gujranwala. There are a number of schools in this area, but not a single centre for skills training. The main objective of the project is to impart practical vocational skills to the young men and women of the marginalized section of the society so that they may be able to contribute in a decent way, financially towards their families. The trade courses are open for everyone without
distinction in race, gender or religion.

Stichting Diwa offers following trades: Computer course, Tailoring, Beautician, Adult literacy, Sales, marketing and book keeping course (for all students). The trade courses are open for everyone without distinction in race, gender or religion. Diwa Skills Training Centre is now known in our target and surrounding area for good quality learning methods and affordable prices of the skills courses.

Learning methods and Techniques
Our learning method is based on theory and practical focused on personal development of students.

We use the following tools;
• Syllabus
• Personal Development Plan
• Portfolios
• Internet for update information

In start each student makes his own Personal Development Plan (PDP) together with teacher. Our teachers are following a syllabus and are training the students according to the priorities of the PDP of each student.

Computer Centre
Diwa offers this year four computer courses, with four months duration of each course. In four months, students learn to work in Microsoft Office (word, excel and power point), internet & email, Adobe Photo Shop, Inpage (Urdu typing software) and window installation, antivirus etc.

Coming year we want to provide separate computer classes for boys and girls. This appeared to be necessary, in order to guarantee a safe and comfortable learning environment. The amount of courses will be doubled, so their will be eight courses next year.

Our target group is young people both male and female who have a school diploma and not have a job or are working but wants to improve computer skills. Our computer program is popular and students are also demanding for advanced ICT courses as well. We are already in planning to expand the building space and offer ICT courses in future.

Tailoring and Beautician Course
Tailoring students made little models of their designed items and save in a portfolio folder with description. Beautician students are also learning home/self-made beauty products by using natural ingredients.

After completion of trainings students are able to get a job or to started work at home. Many of our graduated students get work for hair styles and make up for brides in the neighbourhood.

Adult literacy
Beside other trainings we offer our students who cannot read and write a literacy course free of cost. After one year of literacy course, we offer the students to continue till primary level which is further two years study.

Sales, marketing and book keeping
End of the trade courses all the students have to attended and completed a two-day training workshop on sales, marketing and book keeping. The students learn about entrepreneurship, sales and marketing methods, recording income and day-to-day expenditures in this workshop.

Diwa skills training center is directly benefiting to local young people of Francisabad and the surrounding villages. Every year 120 students graduated with diploma’s. Diwa skills Training Center is now known in our target and surroung area for good quality learning methods and affordable prices of the skills courses.

Female students have a possibility to follow courses in their direct neighbourhood.

Diwa as a social platform in the neighbourhood and is actively busy by organizing different beneficial activities to local people.

Diwa works with local data base authority for renewal and provision of new ID cards to our students and community members.