Brick Kiln Workers Education Project

Gujranwala is one of the five biggest cities in Pakistan. It has a big community of brick kiln workers.

To support these brick kiln workers, Diwa developed a program in cooperation with a local partner organization (PSTA, see Links) in Pakistan.

The aim of the program is to empower the brick kiln workers and provide them opportunities to breakthrough the negative spiral of working in the brick kiln.

This will be done by:

Establishing five primary schools for children on the brick kiln locations in Gujranwala. The schools will provide books, uniforms, stationary and training materials to the enrolled students.

Convincing the brick workers about the importance of education and make them aware about the benefits of legalization.

Provide literacy courses for adults

The Brick Kiln Workers Education Project will also help the families to register themselves for citizenship of Pakistan.

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