Emergency help for Pakistan

The corona virus crisis has affected every county worldwide. The government of Pakistan has also locked down the whole country to prevent the virus from spreading. For two weeks people are staying home. The schools, offices, businesses, daily basis work is closed. Only grocery shops and medical stores are open to help people buy the food and medicine.

Two-thirds of Pakistan’s population is poor. Most of them work on daily wages as a labour, hawker, house maid and cleaner. Their daily earning enables them to feed their families and fulfil other necessities.

At the current coronavirus lockdown situation, they are not able to go to the work and cannot bring any money home at the end of the day to feed their families. There is no income support from the government or from local authorities.

Even though government has announced to provide food to such people, it may take longer than expected to implement their plans. So far, after two weeks of lockdown, no food support has arrived, and people are suffering from hunger. Local churches and a few other groups are helping to feed these people, but it is still not enough.

Diwa Foundation has taken an initiative to provide food to needy Christian families. The local King's Way church is cooperating in this program. We have arranged basic ration packets for 60 families in Francisabad and surrounding areas. An average family size in Pakistan consist of six members. We provide basic ration packets to each family, which is likely to sustain them for two weeks. The ration packet includes flour, oil, sugar, tea leaves, lentils and soap. The cost for one basic ration packet is 13 euro per family.

Our teams will go from door to door to distribute the packets and they will also provide information on corona virus prevention measures. The lockdown is, apparently, going to end by May 2020. Diwa Foundation intends to continue supporting these marginalised Christian people of Pakistan, who are often
ignored by the local authorities.

We would like to request you kindly to support our initiative by providing funds to us. Your generous donation will help us to reach and feed more families in this emergency.

best regards,
Jan Dirk Schouten

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