Emergency Food Help Program Pakistan, update 7 April 2020

Last weekend — Palm Sunday — we have distributed 67 food packets to needy families in Francisabad. The packaging and distribution was a lot of work, but our Diwa team and the youth from Kings Way Church worked very hard to fulfill this mission.

We have beautiful stories to share which we heard during distribution. One of our Diwa members told: “When we went to the houses with food packets, many of the people raised their hands to thank God for this help which came to them. They said they did not have any food and had not eaten anything for several days.”

During this first distribution, it was a big challenge for the team to deal with those people who were not on the distribution list.

At this moment our team is very busy registering new families who have not received any help yet.

Before Easter we want to distribute 200 food packets to needy families in Francisabad and 50 families in Rasuul Pura, another Christian colony in Gujranwala. This time we will also help a few Muslim families who are living in the same area.

We also had contacts with people who are employees of big industrial factories. These factories are closed at this moment, but luckily the owners are helping their employees in terms of providing food and some money to meet their daily needs for the moment.

Stichting Diwa targets daily wage labor such as street hawkers, brick kiln workers, and housemaids who have no income any longer.

The current situation is quite bad and we have no idea how long this will last. Stichting Diwa wants to fulfill this mission as long as necesary.

We appreciate your engagement and contribution to fulfill this mission.