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Diwa Summer Concert

Stichting Diwa is going to organize a concert on 12 August 2011 at the beautiful garden of Swedish Church in Rotterdam. The main theme of this concert is Bansuri (flute). The flute is an important instrument in Indian/Pakistani classical music which is simply made of Bamboo. The bansuri flute plays an important role in religion as well as in stories and myths of the Indian subcontinent.

Amos Aaronson is going to play Indian Bansuri (flute) in the concert. He is an old student of Hariprasad Chaurasia, the famous bansuri-player who is teaching at the Rotterdams Conservatorium.

The purpose of this concert is fund raising for Stichting Diwa. Please come and join us to support the education of Brick Kilns children in Pakistan.

Foto's bezoek aan Pakistan

Foto's Workshop Broodbakken 2011

Diwa Workshop Bread baking

Bake a bread for the Brick Kiln Workers in Pakistan

Workshop Bread Baking

Learn the art of baking bread and support the education of the children of Brick Kiln Workers in Pakistan. For more info, visit the website of Stichting Diwa:

Video impressions Diwa Pre-Xmas Party


Shahzad Ali Khan sings

Diwa Newsletter 2

Hereby you receive the second newsletter of Stichting Diwa. With this newsletter we want to keep you up to date with the activities of Stichting Diwa.

Ongoing issues and events

by Jan Dirk Schouten

Preparations for the Pre-Xmas Pakistan Party

A lot has happened since the first newsletter. In Pakistan work has been done by investigating brick kiln areas and defining places to start schools and by informing brick kiln workers about the education project. The people are very enthusiastic and are looking forward to the moment the school really will start. Shahlla visited her family in Gujranwala and also visited the brick kiln workers. More about this in this newsletter.

Broodbakken voor de Steenbakkers

Zaterdag 20 november werden we gastvrij ontvangen bij Bakkerij Kersten in Rotterdam voor een broodbakworkshop ten gunste van het Steenbakkers Onderwijs Project van Stichting Diwa. We werden direct aan het werk gezet met het maken van een rijkgevulde kerststol. Het was nog niet eenvoudig om alle rozijnen, sucade en noten in het deeg te kneden.

Diwa Newsletter 1

Stichting DIWA

Ocktober 2010

Hereby you receive the first newsletter of Stichting Diwa. With this newsletter we want to keep you up to date with the activities of Stichting Diwa.

Ongoing issues & events

Begin this year Stichting Diwa was officially registered in the Chamber of Commerce in Rotterdam. As a volunteer organisation we are proud that almost all our incomes are spend on our projects!

Stichting Diwa wants to support vulnerable people in Pakistan by providing them education.

Brick Kiln Workers Education Project

Gujranwala is one of the five biggest cities in Pakistan. It has a big community of brick kiln workers.

To support these brick kiln workers, Diwa developed a program in cooperation with a local partner organization (PSTA, see Links) in Pakistan.

The aim of the program is to empower the brick kiln workers and provide them opportunities to breakthrough the negative spiral of working in the brick kiln.

This will be done by: